Power Washing The Shocking Truth

Power Washing The Shocking Truth

Are you about to have some power washing done around your home? If so, this article with help you to determine the best route to getting what you want.

First, lets start by saying that not all power washing companies are created equal. Many do not know this, but power washing is not mandated by regulations (other than waste water control). What this means for a homeowner is that anybody can tell you anything and it will be hard to find out before they start, how much experience they actually have.

The good news is that there is a secret. There are organizations that provide training and certification for Power Washing. So if you are going to have a company come and do work, you can ask if they are certified. It sounds funny, but the amount of training that you get when certified is hands down better for a homeowner.

Power Washing

One of the biggest mistakes being made right now is companies using a power washer to clean a roof. Follow this link to learn more about Roof Cleaning. http://veteranrooftreatment.com/how-to-clean-a-roof/

If you are looking to have a House Wash completed on your home, know that you can clean the outside of your home, without the use of damaging high pressure. This new way of cleaning is called soft washing, and it utilizes a safe chemical application, and then a high volume low pressure rinse. This method is hands down better than the old school high pressure methods.

Not only is soft washing safer for you home, it is also safer for the worker. How many times have you seen a person climb a ladder to clean around shutters, or to clean around 2nd or 3rd story windows? Well those days are long gone, and now those jobs can be done from the ground.

If you are looking to have a project completed, follow our blog. We give lots of tricks and tips that you as the homeowner can utilize in order to get the best job possible. Happy cleaning!

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