Asphalt Roof Cleaning

Composite/Asphalt Roof

Your roof is an open invitation to algae, moss, bacteria, and other biological elements if not maintained properly! These elements ruin the grace and beauty of the roof giving your whole house a dirty look, ruining the curb appeal! Composite roofs are popular due to their ease of maintenance and lower cost than slate, cedar, or alternatives.  However, it should be noted that this does not absolve the homeowner from regular roof maintenance. Left alone, composite roofs are at risk to discoloration and damage the same as any roof type.  In addition, while not the most expensive option, a premature composite roof replacement can still cost thousands of dollars to the homeowner.

Regular cleanings can add to your roof’s lifespan, save thousands on premature replacement costs, improve the home’s resale value, and make it look brand new!  Our certified soft wash roof cleaning process won’t damage your roof like pressure washing or processes that require the cleaner to walk on your roof.  And, once completed, your composite shingle roof is guaranteed to look amazing. We back our roof cleaning with a 3-year guarantee!