Cedar Roof Cleaning

Our Cedar Shakes Cleaning Process!

We use a low pressure process for cedar shakes cleaning. Our company is an authorized applicator of the Sullivan Cedar Roof Cleaning Process, which uses a proprietary cleaning solution that was specially formulated for cleaning cedar shakes. This solution cannot be purchased in a retail store, and is only available to authorized applicators.

Some facts before your cedar shakes cleaning. Cedar is a natural insulator against the environment.  Competitors can not come close to the thermal efficiency of wood. In fact, cedar has twice the thermal resistance (R-value) of asphalt, 5 times that of slate, 8 times that of concrete, and hundreds of times that of metal and aluminum.

If the shakes or shingles display a brown/dark brown to black tones, these are signs of harmful organism infestations and they need to be cleaned.

With a proper cedar roof maintenance program a cedar roof will last anywhere from 40 to 60 years.

Cedar roofs do not decay but they do weather.

Your cedar needs to be cleaned and maintained every six to ten years which is subjective. Do not prematurely replace your cedar roof when we can clean it.

We are your premier soft wash cedar shakes cleaner.  Not only do we kill all of the bacteria and infestation that is deteriorating your roof, we also help to put the natural 3% oil content back into the shingle.

We have all the knowledge and experience to make your cedar look beautiful.  No high pressure, No walking on the roof.  We do 99% of our work from a ladder.