Virginia EZ Nano Seal

EZ Nano Seal

EZ Nano Seal sealant penetrates the surfaces of building materials such as pavers, roof tiles, stone, and concrete. EZ Nano Seal then locks water and other liquids from entering the top surfaaces of those materials, yet allows moisture as it may accumulate under the materials to escape. Our non product is a sealant and not a coating. Coatings wear off, have significantly less bonding properties, and prohibit subsurface liquids like water from escaping.  EZ Nano Seal is a far superior product.

EZ Nano Seal also resists black growths like mildew and mold along with motor oil.  It is very difficult for mildew and mold to grow if water moves away quickly and does not have the availability of long term moisture growth from untreated porous building materials. Motor oil becomes far easier to remove when it cannot penetrate.

When applied, EZ Nano Seal is Super-Hydrophobic which means liquids rigidly stand up tall upon the product due to the same polarity. Eventually, EZ Nano Seal acquires the polarity of the building materials, and dust begins to settle upon our sealant’s surface causing the stand-up appearance to dissipate.  However, EZ Nano Seal remains Hydrophobic & blocks liquids out!

EZ Nano Seal is professionally applied by Veteran Roof Treatment!

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