Tin Roof Cleaning

Tin/Metal Roofs

Tin roofs offer the homeowner advantages in a longer lifespan, are easier to install, and can prove more resistant to certain types of organic materials that may plague cedar, slate, composite, and other types of roofs.  On the other hand, they can be more expensive to install/replace, are more difficult/costly to maintain, and offer unique challenges (such as denting, contraction/expansion, and even noise based issues).  Oxidization can also be a common problem not associated with other roof types.

Due to the challenges with a metal roof, it can be difficult to fix or lead to expensive panel replacement, the tin roof homeowner should always choose a roof cleaning professional whose process does not involve pressure washing or walking on your roof.  Our process keeps your roof safe & uses a solution that poses no threat to your home, trees, landscaping, or pets.  When the treatment is complete, your neighbors will be asking when you had the time to get a new tin roof!