The Risk involved with hiring an unlicensed “professional” roof cleaner RICHMOND, VIRGINIA

The Risk involved with hiring an unlicensed “professional” roof cleaner RICHMOND, VIRGINIA

One of the biggest differences between a true professional soft wash roof cleaning company and a fly-by-night operation is the ability to handle the liabilities of the risks it assumes. While most accidents and incidents are due to inexperienced technicians or negligence, sometimes things do go wrong and this could leave you with hefty repair bills or a lawsuit if a worker is injured on your property.

When it comes to a soft wash roof cleaning business your contractor must have:

Liability Insurance – Similar to the liability insurance you must have to drive a vehicle, this insurance will cover you if something goes wrong on a job. This should be very important to the homeowner hiring a company.

Tips for avoiding contractor fraud:

Be wary of any contractor who drives an unmarked or poorly marked vehicle.

Contractors should have a land line phone and a permanent address — not a post office box.

If a contractor says the job doesn’t require insurance or licenses, stay away from him. Without a license, municipalities can’t track a contractor down if a problem arises.

Contractors should have general liability insurance. $1 – $2 million is reasonable.

Contractors should provide references if asked to provide them.

Always have a contract. The document should be well-detailed and spell out any warranties .

Check contractor reputations. Good places to start looking are social media webpages such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Check for reviews on websites like Google , Yelp, Yahoo, the Yellow Pages, Angie’s List, etc.

Another great resource that our company offers our customers is Ask the Seal. A third party company that verifies insurance, and background checks covering; criminal background and sex offender checks on the actual employees interacting with your property or family.

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