Why have your cedar shakes roof cleaned?

Why have your cedar shakes roof cleaned?

One of the greatest misconceptions with a cedar shakes roof is whether or not you should have regular maintenance on the roof. Per the National Cedar Shakes and Shingles Burough the answer to that question is yes. Cedar shakes are organic, and just like your teeth, they will not last if not maintained.

Cedar on its own will not decay, it is the UV from the sun and other outside elements that destroy a cedar shakes roof. Cedar shakes have a natural 3% oil, which gets drawn out by the sun. If you do not kill the fungus, bacteria, and brown rot fungi on the roof as well as reintroduce the oil back into the cedar, you will dramatically decrease the lifespan of the roof.

REHYDRATING CEDAR SHAKES DOES NOT MEAN DUMPING PARAFIN OIL ON IT. This oil is a surface oil, which seals the surface. Per the National Cedar Shakes and Shingle Bureau sealing a cedar shakes roof is not recommended. It also only has a 6 month lifespan, so the longevity of the oil itself is not worth the investment. Paraffin oil does nothing to prolong the life of the cedar roof. Paraffin oil is just refined kerosene, like that of a lamp in your grandma’s house.

Our company uses a citrus based mix, with steam processed oil. Everything in our mix is ECO friendly and our mix is specific for the care and maintenance of cedar shakes. That means it is safe for your plants, kids, animals, etc. We clean homes all over Virginia and Nags Head, with an unlimited supply of extremely happy homeowners that have learned the right way to care for their roof.

Instead of watching your investment fall apart in six months, our recommended cleanings only need to happen every seven to ten years, which is subjective. Tree cover and demographic have an impact to a degree on the schedule for cleanings. Roof debris for instance (pine needles) will increase the need to clean the roof sooner.

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