Awning Cleaning in Richmond Virginia

Sep 17, 2017

Are you looking for an Awning Cleaning in Richmond Virginia? Are you wondering how to clean it? Are you scared to use the wrong thing or hire the wrong company? Knowing how NOT to clean it is just as important as how to safely clean your awning.

The first thing to remember about your awning material, is that it is delicate, and needs attention in order to last a long time. When you first had your awning installed, that awning had a sealer on it that helped to repel all of the dangerous outside elements that cause negative things to happen to your awning, like retaining moisture and allowing mold and mildew growth. Once that sealer is broken down, and organic debris is allowed to build up, you now have an Eco system capable of allowing plant growth. Notice the lichen growth on the photo.

Dirty Awning

Once your awning begins to look like this, you now have to take certain steps in order to get your awning to where it needs to be.

Step 1.

Safe Low Pressure Cleaning – Our company uses a safe low pressure process to safely clean your awning of any organic debris. This process uses no more pressure than that of a simple garden hose.

Have your awnings cleaned using low pressure.

Step 2.

Allow to dwell and reapply as necessary – Once we spray your awning with our cleaning solution, it may take several applications to break through the dirt and grime in order to get back to the original awning look. It is important to use this process, because you want to be as gentle as possible with the awning itself. Any high pressure, or excessive brushing or scraping could and will damage the awning.

Step 3.

Rinse awning – This particular step takes special finesse. You need to be able to rinse the awning of organic debris without causing damage. This includes not only special tips installed for rinsing, but also things like pressure and direction. There are several danger areas on an awning that if not cared for in the right way, will cause damage.

Rinsing awning during cleaning process

Step 4.

Repeat as necessary – As stated above, the overall cleaning of your awning is a process. This process could take several applications. The main thing about the repeat process is that it allows us to be as delicate as possible with the awning, and eliminating the risk of damage.

Once we complete the overall process of cleaning, you are left with the beautiful awning that you originally fell in love with.

Awning safely cleaned by Veteran Roof Treatment

As you can see, even this really dirty awning came clean using our safe process.

Veteran Roof Treatment is Central Virginia’s awning cleaning specialists. Our company would be happy to help if you have an awning in need of cleaning. Our methods is SAFE and Eco Friendly.

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**Don’t forget to ask about our awning resealing service to add extra life and protection to your awnings for years to come!**