Roof Cleaning is Awesome in Richmond VA

Apr 15, 2018

Roof cleanings are awesome

Roof Cleaning by Veteran Roof Treatment

Are you in the market to have your roof cleaned? Are you on the verge of getting this project done and are wondering what all it is? Here are some fun facts about why roof cleaning is awesome in Richmond VA.
Why Roof Cleanings are awesome

There are several reasons why roof cleanings are awesome, and we are going to show you why!

Roof cleaning saves you money

Did you know that your roof has little reflective granules that are there to just reflect light and keep your attic space cooler? Well they are there. When your roof gets covered in all those ugly black stains, your attic space is HOT. When this happens, your AC unit works that much harder to cool the house down, thus making you spend more on energy.

Roof cleaning makes your house prettier

How much money do you spend on cleaning up your yard each year? Your lawn mower, uncountable hours picking stuff up, planting stuff, all to go out to the road and look at your magnificent creation. All to be thrown back by those ungodly awful looking black streaks and stains all over your roof. Now that does not leave a good taste in your mouth. Cleaning your roof makes your house look prettier, and your stress level go down because now people can focus on the fruits of your labor.

Roof cleaning makes people want to give you more money

Are you looking to sell your home? Well guess what, clean homes sell MUCH higher than dirty homes. So if you are looking to get the most out of your investment, than cleaning is definitely something that you want to highly consider. It may not sound like much, but when you are talking about making thousands of dollars off spending a couple of hundred, the return on your investment is high. Any top rated realtor should point you in this direction.

HOA loves a clean roof

It’s no secret nowadays that HOA’s are getting pickier and pickier. As more and more neighborhoods are being built, neighborhoods are trying harder and harder to keep home values up and make their communities stick out. Nothing kills the value of a home more than your neighbors ugly house. As many homeowners find out the hard way, after getting letters in the mail, HOA’s are being proactive by forcing homeowners to keep their homes clean, or pay high fines. This is strictly due to trying to keep home values up, and keep their neighborhoods highly move in friendly. So keep your HOA happy, and lets get that roof cleaned up!

Roof cleaning makes your insurance company happy

If you have certain insurance companies (like Travelers Insurance for example) you may have or know someone that has gotten a letter in the mail to clean their roof. This is because insurance companies are getting more and more aware of how much damage mold and mildew do to a roof. As more and more homeowners claim roof replacements on their homeowners insurance policies, plan to see more of this going on. Insurance companies do not want to have to pay for the neglect of a homeowner not maintaining their roof. So be proactive, because roof cleaning makes your insurance company happy.
Where to buy a roof cleaning?

There are a couple of important things to look at when getting ready to have your roof cleaned. here are a couple of things to watch out for.

Training and certification are important

If you are in the market to get your roof cleaned, be careful who you hire. It seems like every jo blow with a power washer these days is telling poeple that they are professional roof cleaners. Well rest assured, they are not. You can actually look up a company to make sure that they are trained and certified in roof cleaning.

If the company that is trying to clean your roof does not have this logo to verify that their company is certified, along with their company information on the UAMCC website showing they are certified, rest assured they are not. Do not be fooled by companies lying to you about being certified. Anyone can steal this photo and show it to you. Make sure they are verified on the website as being certified, and that they have gone through the proper training. The last thing you want is someone lying to you, damaging your property, and then going out of business before you can track them down to be reimbursed.
Wrapping it up

Getting your roof cleaned does not have to be a headache. If you follow these guidelines, you will be OK. Rest assured though, if you don’t, you will NOT be OK. So do yourself a favor, don’t just pick the lowest bidding guy, and do some research. Your family, home, HOA, insurance company, and your sanity will thank you.