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Cedar Roof Cleaning

Have you seen some dark brown/black tones in your Cedar Shakes? Unfortunately, this means your roof is infested with harmful organisms that will continue to grow and discolor your roof unless cleaned properly by a professional specialized in roof washing and moss/mildew/lichen removal.

Our company uses a proprietary cleaning solution specially formulated for cleaning cedar shakes. This solution cannot be purchased in a retail store, and is only available to authorized applicators.

This, combined with our low pressure soft wash process for cedar shakes, allows us to remove the grime without damaging your roof, thus protecting and enhancing your investment.

We are your #1 premier soft wash cedar shakes cleaner in Richmond and the surrounding area! Not only do we kill all of the bacteria and infestation that is deteriorating your roof, but we also help to put the natural 3% oil content back into the shingle to bring out the most of your roofs natural beauty

No damaging high pressure. No walking on the roof. We do 99% of our work from a ladder, & We pride ourselves on providing a quality cleaning experience

Asphalt Shingle Cleaning

Are your shingles looking discolored? Is there moss, algae, & bacteria eating away at your roof? The answer is probably YES.

When not maintained properly & regularly, shingle roofs become an open invitation to algae, moss, bacteria, and other biological elements that love to infest composite roofs. These elements ruin the grace and beauty of the roof giving your whole house a dirty look and ruining the curb appeal!

If an infested roof is left untreated, eventually the homeowner will be forced to replace the roof… often to the tune of thousands of dollars and in many instances homeowners who fail to regularly maintain and clean their roofs actually void their roof warranty due to homeowner negligence!

Regular cleanings can add to your roof’s lifespan, save thousands on premature replacement costs, improve the home’s resale value, and make it look brand new!

Our certified soft wash roof washing process won’t damage your roof like pressure washing or processes that require the cleaner to walk on your roof will, and once completed, your composite shingle roof is guaranteed to look amazing.

We back our roof cleaning with a 3-year guarantee and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you know you will get quality service every time!

Metal Roof Cleaning

Want to know if your roof is degrading? Just make a quick inspection and check if the paint is chalking. Chalking is the whitish residue that can become visible on a painted or coated metal surface over time. If you see chalking you have damage that needs to be addressed!!

For a metal roof, periodic cleaning helps maintain the integrity of the panels and also helps remove any particles on the surface that could degrade the paint system or the substrate.

Keep in mind, most metal roofing paint warranties don’t cover excessive chalking in the presence of pollutants, which is why it’s important to keep a regular cleaning schedule and be prompt when you do notice a problem.

There are also elements that won’t create a problem with the paint or the substrate but just makes the roof look dirty, even when it’s actually not. These do not cause damage but do affect the curb appeal and are still recommended to be regularly cleaned for proper roof maintenance

Our process keeps your roof safe & uses a solution that poses no threat to your home, trees, landscaping, or pets while our low pressure cleaning system and “no roof walking” process guarantees that your roof will be cleaned with the highest quality service allowing us to protect your roof and your investment.

Slate Roof Washing

Unlike many other roof types, extreme care must be taken when working with slate. Even though it is a type of stone, slate can be damaged very easily and we highly recommend only using a professional to clean your slate roof to avoid damage to your roof or voiding your warranty.

Using specialized cleaning products and processes, Veteran Roof Treatment will completely remove or significantly reduce the appearance of the rust-like stains that typically infect slate roof – leaving your roof beautifully clean and restoring the natural color of each natural stone.

Our slate roof restoration is so highly effective because it is more than a superficial cleaning – it eliminates the problem at the source, and with a 99.9% kill rate against bio-contaminants. We confidently guarantee the beautiful results to last for years.

We are the #1 roof cleaning service from Richmond to Charlottesville VA, & and we are ready to take care of you, too!

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Have questions about pricing, how to get a quote, or anything else? Just give us a call! A friendly customer service rep is always available to answer any questions you might have!

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Ever call a service guy and then not hear back for 24 hrs? Yeah we don’t like it either. It is our promise that our team will return all calls in a timely manner so that we can get to solving your problem sooner!

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No you won’t have to wait on the quote either. We pride ourselves on providing a quality experience and we know that your time is valuable so we make sure we use the latest systems that allow us to give you your estimate the day you request it.

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Showing up late is just plain rude & we do our very best to make all our service appointments in a timely manner. If a situation arises that will delay our team we will always make it a point to call and reschedule at a time most convenient to you.


We stand behind our services and the results, and we want you to know it. We confidently stand by our 100% satisfaction guarantee so you know that if you’re not happy with the service, we will correct the issue at not charge to you..


From the very first time you contact us, our team will keep you fully informed on the details of the service, and even be as flexible as possible to work with your busy schedule. We will not “just deliver,” but will go above and beyond to give you a level of service you wouldn’t expect from a home service business.


It’s important for us to be fully licensed and insured, and everyone that works here is an employee, not a subcontractor. Our team is the best and we know they will provide you with exceptional service! We specialize in property enhancement and promise to care for your property like it’s ours.

What Others Are Saying

Our customers ALWAYS come first! We believe in hiring technicians with a strong work ethic and we train our team members to always listen to our customers’ needs and feedback! With over 50 5-Star reviews you know you can trust us to take care of any problem you might have! Here is what some of our satisfied customers have to say:

We recently had Josh clean our cedar roof as well as the rest of our stucco home. We were on a tight schedule and Josh and Abbie worked wonders to meet it. The work was done quickly, efficiently and exceeded our expectations. Moreover, the advice we got from this professional team made us feel more confident in our home. Many thanks to Josh for fine work and Abbie for her professionalism in scheduling and follow-up.


P. Perkins - Chesterfield, VA

Did a great job in soft washing my house. My house never looked so clean, looks great, thanks Joshua. Joshua was very professional, but also personable. I would definitely refer his company.


C. Pietranton - Mineral, VA

The owner's response time to all inquiries were fast and informative. The work was completed on time and in a professional manner. Their prices are more than fair and the owners are very knowledgeable of their products. I would highly recommend this company.


B. Nolan - Mineral, VA

Josh did an awesome job of cleaning both our roof and gutters. He showed me photos of damaged vents and handled this repair before leaving! He is most congenial – and has very reasonable prices for his services.


J. Abernathy - Petersburg, VA

I had my cedar roof recently cleaned by Josh @ Veteran Roof Treatment. He was on time & worked hard and put in long hours cleaning my roof. The wife & are very happy with the work. Josh explained in detail to me the procedure he was going to do prior to starting the work. Also Abbie who handles the business end was great. I received a detailed estimate the same day & Abbie answered all my questions in a timely fashion.
Thanks Abbie & Josh

Dennis W. Chesterfield, VA

Josh and Abbie have a great business and do excellent work. This is the third time I have asked them to do a project for me and once again the job was performed to extremely high standards. I am very grateful I found Veteran Roof Treatment. They are the best! 

Doug Schneider -  Fife VA