The top 3 reasons why you should NOT hire a power washer

Apr 29, 2017

There are many questions that homeowners have in regards to whether or not to use a power washer to clean their home. Whether they are doing the work, or hiring out to have it done, what is a homeowner to do?

So we have compiled the TOP 3 reasons why you should NOT hire a power washer to clean your home.

1. Power washing may not be the most effective way to clean your home

If you have certain types of siding on your home, a power washer can actually do more harm than good. Did you know that a power washer can actually push water behind your siding, causing mold and mildew problems? Its true! You could actually be doing more harm than good by hiring someone to clean your home with a power washer.

There are far better ways of cleaning that use low pressure and safe chemicals to clean the side of your home. Not only does it do a more effective job, but is far less dangerous. A lot of people try to use ridiculous scare tactics when it comes to exterior cleaning. If someone tries this with you, just smile and say “Don’t worry, we hired Veteran Roof Treatment, they are actually trained and certified in exterior cleaning. What certifications do you have?”


Did you know that there are actual training and certifications associated with exterior cleaning? It’s true!

Our company, Veteran Roof Treatment, is one of less than a handful of companies in Virginia that is actually trained and certified in Virginia for exterior cleaning. Wow, now isn’t that great! Now you can make a decision of what is best for the cleaning of the exterior of your home by someone that ACTUALLY knows what they are talking about!

3. Are you hiring someone that has had a background check performed?

Is that guy a convicted felon? Is he a petifile? Will your kids get home before you do on the date of service? Holy moly, these are scary questions!

What if we told you that Veteran Roof Treatment does background checks on every person associated with our company?,+LLC/

Now doesn’t that boost your confidence!

There is nothing worse than hiring some guy because he gave you the “best price” only to find out that when you got home, you had a missing statue, or your kids complain about some creepy guy that was outside looking in the window.

Unless you take all of these things into consideration, you should definitely consider NOT hiring a power washer.

The good thing is that when the time comes, there are a few companies that pass the test, and Veteran Roof Treatment just happens to be one of them. So do yourself a favor, save time and headaches, and call in the professionals when the time comes.

Your home and your kids will thank you.