Common roof cleaning questions and answers

  1. What are those black marks on my roof?

    Natural pigments produced by these algae may cause a white or light colored roof to gradually turn dark brown or black. It is sometimes mistaken for soot, dirt, or tree droppings. Like dandelion, this bacteria is spread by microscopic airborne particles, birds, along with other creatures.

  2. Is your product going to kill my plants or harm my animals?

    Our methods are environmentally safe, and will not harm grass, flowers, shrubbery, paint, or animals.

  3. How long does your product last?

    We guarantee that your roof will remain stain-free for two years. If stains reappear, we will treat then at no additonal charge.

  4. What is actually happening to my roof?

    Algae slowly destroys the limestone filler in the asphalt shingles. This process causes serious damage to the roof, significantly reducing the life of the shingles.

    Gloeocapsa Magma thrives in warm humid environments and normally appears on the North slope where additional shade and moisture support its growth. Elimination of algae may reduce fungus and mildew accumulations; so will removing loose debris from your roof, deck and gutters  i.e. leaves, twigs, and tree bark.

  5. How much is this going to cost me?

    The treatment of your roof cost thousands of dollars less than having to replace it. Now is the time to take action to solve this damaging issue. Our knowledgeable and professional technicians would be happy to help.

    If you are interested in a roof treatment please give us a call or give your email, and we would be glad to give a FREE estimate! :)